What is forging?

Forging is a process of block generation and validation that supports the operation of the entire MetaHash network. Every node participates in the forging process. It is a high-performance alternative to mining (used in PoW networks).

Forging is rewarded. The reward for forging is granted from the forging pool and from collecting fees for transactions. The total size of the forging pool is 5,060,000,000 MetaHashCoins (MHC) unevenly distributed within the first 20 years of network operation. Rewards are paid every 24 hours.
The periodicity of recalculation and distribution may vary based on the technical needs of the
network. Unlike in PoW, nodes for MHC forging never get obsolete and their efficiency does
not deteriorate, as their number is limited to the minimum number of coins required for a
specific role. The faster the network nodes are, the higher the capacity the network will have.
As all nodes are essential to network operation, the rewards are distributed between all
members, not only between Core and Torrent nodes creating and validating new blocks.

Here is 3 type of the forging:

How can I start forging?


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