This product was made by the community, not by the main team

If you have any questions please contact Robert Bibb
[email protected]
Skype: Kayakman21
Telegram: @kayakman21

HashtagSpace offers the ability to register any #domain of your choosing. #domains aim to revolutionize the way we think of domain names and access information.

How to get own decentralized domain

  1. Register in the #HashtagSpace app in MetaHashGate or use the web version https://hashtag.space/
  1. To register the domain you can choose what to use: # or / or -
  1. Put the name of your future domain into the lane to check availability
  1. You can try the domain in free demo version for 3 days
  1. Add the domain to the card to purchase it. Domains are on a per year basis at the rate of $24.95
  1. To purchase the domain you can use MHC or PayPal
  1. All domains (demo and purchased) are available in #DOMAINS menue
  1. To bound your link to the domain just click Target URL
  1. Congrats! Now the domain is available through the MetaHashGate