#MetaHashGather FAQ

How to make referral link?

Please check this instruction

What's the maximum reward I can get?

If you started forging and joined social networks, you'll get 20% of the reward.
If you invited friends, you'll get 10% of the rewards from each friend and each friend invited by friends.
If you buy your own 1000 MHC, you'll get x10 basic (10%) reward.

40% of the reward was distributed between participants. Where is 60%?

Since not more than 40% of #MHC generated with free coins will be given to new users, the rest 60% will be returned back into the program for new participants and will not be sold thus lowering the selling pressure on #MetaHashCoin.

What can I do with the frozen 1000 MHC?

Locked for sale and transfer the coins may be used only for forging. But you can transfer your reward freely.

Where can I see how many friends I invited and how many friends were invited by friends?

You can check it on the bottom of this page - https://metagather.org/?mha=s4


How many friends I need to invite?

To get more reward, then your own, you should invite at least 1 friend. If he won, you'll get 10% of his reward.

How many I'll get for first friend? For second?

If your friend won, you'll get 10% of the reward. It works for each friend.

How many I'll get for friend invited by friend?

If friend invited by your friend won, you'll get 10% of the reward.

Can I setup MetaHashGate on smartphone or tablet?

Unfortunately, no.

What happens if I don't forge week or more?

If you won't be online for a week - this wallet will be deactivated.
If it happened, you can claim a new wallet at any time, just register new account.

Will I receive a reward from the active or passive pool?

You'll receive rewards from both pools. The same applies to friend's rewards.

Do I need to reinstall MetaHashGate to participate in MetaHashGather, if it's already installed?

No, you don't need to do it

How to stop forging with free MHC, if I have my own 1000 coins?

You just need to click on the "unwatch" button in the MetaHashWallet app.
Note, that this feature is available from version 1.19.7 version.