Server Trust

Trust will highly affect rewards in the future. It's not only a mean to reward established nodes but is an important protection coefficient preventing attacks on network.


At the moment, the Trust does not affect the reward.

1. "Trust" numbers will be calculated but not used for rewards now!

We add "trust" now, so everybody understands how it works and how it is calculated before starting to actually use it for rewards calculations. We expect to activate it before the Core roles.

2. We will reset the "Trust" scores before activating it.

You don't need to worry about high or low trust now. It will be shown so you can observe how the values change.

3. "Trust" calculation.

Each node obtains a Trust factor between 0.01 and 1. Trust is increased by 0.005 units every 24 hours during reward calculation when all transactions are validated correctly and decreased by 0.05 in case of network degradation or by 0.5 in case of incorrect validation of a transaction immediately after detection. Achieving a Trust value of 1 requires 198 days.