Delegation of the coins


We've prepared some useful tips, that will make the procedure faster and easier:

Answers on other questions, connected with the delegation, you can find in our FAQ

  1. First of all, you need to open #MetaHashGate
  2. Then, go to the #MetaHashForging app
  1. Choose "Coin Delegation Forging"
  1. Choose one server where you want to delegate coins. Stars of the node don't affect your reward. You can choose any server from the recommended list, system reward will be the same on all servers. Some node holders can pay bonuses, it does not depend on the project team.
  1. You can sort the servers by different categories
  • all servers;
  • recommended;
  • below hardcap;
  • hardcapped;
  • balance up\down.
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  1. Click to "Delegate MHC"
  1. Write the amount you want to delegate. Then put your wallet password. And click to "Sign & send"
  1. The first reward will come on the third day. After that - every day at 00:00 UTC-0.
    You can delegate as long as you wish and undelegate when you want. After undelegation coins will come back immediately to your wallet. How to undelegate
    There is no sense delegating just for 1 day because the first reward comes on the third day.


You can forge as a wallet and delegate from 1 wallet at the same time

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