How to create a new voting

We've prepared some useful tips that make the voting procedure faster and easier:

  1. Go to the #MetaHashVote app
  1. Click "Create new voting"
  1. Choose a voting account — a wallet address, which you want to use to create a voting
  1. Fill in the next lines:
  • Voting title
  • Voting question
  • Voting type — yes/no voting or multi-option vote, where you can customize answers
  • Voting term — 1 day/1 week/1 months
  • Start date
  • Picture URL (not necessary). Picture requirements: 120x120px, png/jpeg/gif. The picture fee depends on its size.

The voting fee depends on the number of sending data, e.g. how many symbols are in the title/description/customized answers. The fee for 1 symbol is 0.000012 #MHC.

  1. Click "Create voting" and put the wallet password
  1. Well done!