Server rewards

Node's rewards are much more complex than delegation rewards.

Every server will be attributed to one of three geo zones: Asia, Americas, and Europe. The reward will now be assigned considering the geo factor and will be composed of two parts: the fixed share and the geo share.

Here is how the 40% node rewards pool will be distributed for nodes:

  • 10% which is a fixed share pool will be distributed proportionally to the number of coins delegated to servers

  • 2% + 2% + 2% which are geo shares of Asia, Americas, and Europe clusters for each role (Peer, Infrastructure Torrent, Service Torrent, Verification, Core) will be assigned to servers attributed to these zones proportionally to the number of coins delegated inside the zone. For example, if there is only one server in the Peer Americas cluster with 100k delegated coins it will get all 2% of the Americas geo share reward. If there are 2 servers in Peer Asia cluster with 9m of delegated coins on the first one and 1m on the second, they will get 1.8% and 0.2% respectively.

Where to find all the formulas?
Page 35 of Yellow Paper has detailed information on all formulas used in Node rewards distribution