MetaHash Wallet for mobile

Version for Android
Version for iOS


Please note

The current version allows you to export an already existing wallet. You cannot create a new one.

How to import a wallet

The first time you open the app you need to accept the user agreement


Enter and confirm the PIN code


In this version you can only export the already created wallet. Insert the private key in hex format. It looks like "0x307..." and contains 242 characters


To get the private key in hex-format you need to decrypt the Open QR-wallet. You can do it with mobile apps, special websites or scripts
How to get hex key


If the key is correct, you’ll see a message "Valid Key". Now you can import the wallet


That’s all!


How to delegate

Press "Delefate" button to go to the list of nodes


Select the appropriate node


Here you can enter the number of coins to delegate. The minimum is 512 #MHC. Then press the "Next" button.

900 900

How to undelegate

On the node page, click "Undelegate". To undelegate a particular transaction, click the cloud-with-an-arrow icon