#MetaHashGate Regular Forging FAQ

1. Can I forge by several wallets on one computer?

No, you can't.

2. Will be the reward different, if I'll forge more than 4 hours?

Every 4 hours of Forging give 1 share in 19,408 #MHC reward pool split between ALL forging wallets daily at 00:00 UTC.

3. How to check the sums of the MHC used to forging/delegation?

You can find the number of frozen coins on the #MetaHashGate forging page.

5. How to check the sums of the reward?

  1. You can find the history on the #MetaHashGate forging page.
  1. Click to "Reward history".
  1. Click to "ℹ" to find more information.
  1. You will be redirected to our blockchain #TraceChain.
    There you can see what you got the reward for.

6. How to stop the forging?

7. How to see rewards for forging via venus.mhscan?

  1. Open https://venus.mhscan.com/ page
  2. Enter your address into "Search by address / Txhash / Block" field
  1. In the opening list of transactions, you can see the awards for Forging - they will come from the address "InitialWalletTransaction"

8. How to determine the reward source?

In the https://venus.mhscan.com/ you can see reward designation:

  • Coin reward forging transaction => from delegation to node;
  • Node reward forging transaction => nodes reward;
  • Wallet reward forging transaction => reward from the Regular (passive) wallet forging
  • Random reward forging transaction => random reward from Active wallet forging
  • MetaHashGather Award => reward from the MetaHashGather referral program.

9. What's diffrence between wallet forging and delegation?

For delegation - every day
MHC requirement:
100 MHC (fixed) for regular wallet forging/1000 MHC (fixed) for active wallet forging
512 MHC (min) for delegation
Online requirement:
Wallet forging - need to be 4 hours online minimum
Delegation - not necessary to be online