What is #MetaHashGate?

Gateway to the decentralized internet

MetaHashGate is the official browser software and is designed with mass adoption in mind. Decentralized apps directory and a multi-asset wallet.

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MetaHashGate consists of:


MetaHashWallet Is a multi-asset wallet that supports "light mode" without downloading the entire blockchain. Data comes from different sources of the decentralized network and is checked by the user. Of course, the wallet can work in "full node" mode or by selecting trusted nodes that have a copy of the #MetaHashChains application. (Private keys from all blockchains used will be stored only by the user.) The wallet which can be built from the source code in order to ensure the source code is validated by the community and that the wallet does, in fact, belong to the user.

Read more about #MetaHashWallet here.




MetaHashApps Is a catalogue of decentralized applications and a browser to work
with them.
Any decentralized application built on #MetaHash can be
accessed, not only through the standard internet domain, but also
via #MetaHashGate or it can be allocated to a separate program.

Read more about #MetaHashApps here.


Basic instruction