Smart tokens on the #TraceChain base

How to create a token

  1. To create your own token on the #TraceChain base you need to have an #MHC wallet

How to create MHC wallet

  1. Go to the #MetaHashWallet app
  1. Click on "#Metahash" string
  1. Click on "Create token"
  1. There are few lines that you need to fill

Type — currently there is only one token type. A list of types and their usability will be added later.

Symbol — ticker of a token.

Token name — full name of a token.

Owner's address — the owner's address is filled automatically, once you've chosen the wallet to create a token.

Token emission — how many tokens do you want to issue.

Dec — how many decimal places.

Token address — the token address is generated automatically.


How to use a created token

  • To send tokens to another wallet you need the address of the #MHC wallet recipient.

  • To send tokens, apply a password of the #MHC wallet used to create a token.