Delegation FAQ

1. What will happen to my coins after the delegation?

Coins will be frozen for the delegation period and cannot be transmitted to another address or delegated to another node until the delegation is cancelled.
Please, don't worry. The procedure of the delegation is safe! You don't send your coins to another wallet. MHC stay in it, just frozen during the delegation.

2. When I’ll get the reward?

  • Rewards are paid every 24 hours. Coins can be delegated once again only after cancellation of the delegation;
  • The reward comes every day at 00:00 UTC-0.

3. Can I delegate to several nodes?

Yes. But no more than 256 times for 1 wallet.

4. What means the percents, stars, colourful dots of the server?

  • Node name - the name of the node;
  • Node address - address of the wallet, which connected with the node;
  • Node balance - the amount of the coins, delegated to this server;
  • Node status (colourful dot) - current status of the server. Green - server work correctly. Blue - server on tests. Orange - server has some problems. Red - server doesn't work.
  • Node version - software for the node, which setup on the current server.
  • Passed test - how many load tests node passed last time.
  • Node GEO - where is this node located.
  • Trust - each node obtains a Trust factor between 0.01 and 1. Trust will highly affect rewards in the future. It's not only a mean to reward established nodes but is an important protection coefficient preventing attacks on the network. Read more about trust
  • Amount before Hard Cap - If you'll delegate after Hard Cap, you won't get any reward.
    If amount before Hard Cap colourized:
  • blue - the balance of the node less than Soft Cap;
  • green - the balance of the node more than Soft Cap, but less than Hard Cap;
  • orange - the balance of the node close to Hard Cap;
  • red - node reached Hard Cap.
1021 1075

5. Is it beneficial for the owners of nodes to be delegated by other users?

To launch a node is necessary at least 100 000 MHC on balance for the Peer node and more for other nodes. If the owner of the node has 100 000 coins, it's no important for him who delegates to his node. If the owner doesn't reach Seed and Soft Cap, this node will not bring reward accordingly.

6. Does the reward for delegation come a day later, as it is with the reward for forging?

Yes, you said that you want to delegate, your funds will be used the next day, and in a day you will receive a reward.

7. Why time is considered only the next day at the start of the forging?

When you start forging, sent a transaction that you want to forge. This transaction is “applied” for the next day and from this moment the time for forging begins. This is done for the uniformity of delegation for wallets and for delegation to servers.

8. Does forging stop canceling delegation?

The only way to stop forging is to send an "undelegate" transaction.

9. How to check the sums of the MHC used to forging/delegation?

You can find the number of all frozen coins on the #MetaHashGate forging page.


Or exact amount on Wallet Statistic page.


10. How to choose the server for delegation?

You can click "Recommended" on the Coin Delegation page and choose suggested servers. Here will be shown working servers with the balance below hardcap.
All of these servers will give you the same reward. The reward for the delegation depends on the amount of delegated coins.


11. How to return the delegated coins?

  1. On the “Coin Delegation Forging” page, switch to the “Wallets” tab;
  1. Select the wallet that you used for the delegation;
  1. The next page will display a list of servers to which you have delegated coins, number of delegations and amount of coins;
  1. To stop delegation, click “Undelegate”;
  1. Enter the password;
  1. That's all!

12. What will happen to the delegated coins if a server is deleted?

The coins delegated to it will unfreeze and return to the wallet within 10 days.

13. Will I get the reward for the delegation, if the node balance less then Soft Cap or more then Hard Cap?

No, you won't.

14. If I delegate to the same node more coins today, will I get the reward from added coins tomorrow?

Yes, you'll get it.

15. I got less than 512 MHC as a reward. How can I add it to the delegation?

You need to unfreeze one of the previous delegation and delegate an amount greater than last time.
Read more about it.

16. The reward no longer comes

Please check if the node works properly. If the node didn't get the reward or was deleted, you won't get the reward.