How to start

To start earning MHC you need to:

  1. Download MetaGate

You can download it here -

  1. Install and run #MetaHashGate using credentials from

  2. Activate rewards


When you got your wallet with free MHC, write down the wallet number. It will help you to get the wallet back if you lose it.

How to withdraw the reward?

  1. Open MetaHashGate
  2. Click "Wallet" and create a new wallet
  3. Choose your wallet to send the reward here -

How to earn more MHC?

  1. You can make own referral link and invite friends. In this case, you'll get 10% of the friend's reward. If your friend invites a friend, you'll get 10% of the friend's invited by friend reward.
  1. Join our social networks to double your own reward
  1. To get x10 the basic reward you'll need to run active forging with your own 1000 MHC coins.

How to run active forging

You can purchase #MHC on these exchanges:

  1. Start the delegation