MHConnect is a community-made wallet to store and delegate #MetaHashCoins.


Links to download


How to create a wallet

First of all, accept Terms of Use

Than tap "Create a new wallet"

The next step is to create a wallet password


Don't forget to backup your private key and password!

Without a private key you won't be able to get access to the wallet.
Also, a password can't be changed.

Congrats! Your wallet is ready!

If you use the app the first time, you'll be asked to setup a PIN

With MHConnect you can send, receive, delegate and undelegate MHC.

How to delegate

Tap on the "Delegate" button

Choose a node to delegate

Choose your wallet

Fill in an amount and a password

Just wait for a while and coins will be delegated!

How to undelegate

Tap on the "Undelegate" button

Choose your wallet

Tap on the bin icon and enter your password

That's all!