Voting FAQ

1. How many votes are required to approve voting for the update?

It requires at least 50,000,000 votes.

2. Does the result depend on the number of voting wallets?

While voting, the current wallet balances are taken into account, not the number of users.

Accordingly, the vote of one user with 500,000 #MHC will be “stronger” than the votes of five users with 20,000 #MHC each. This will help avoid the multiplication of wallets aimed solely at affecting the voting results.

3. What is a fee for creating voting?

The voting fee depends on the number of sending data, e.g. how many symbols are in the title/description/customized answers.

For example, the cost of 1 symbol is 0.000012 #MHC. The fee for uploading a logo or adding a picture depends on its size.

4. What if I want to change a decision?

You can transfer the coins to another wallet and vote with it. The voting balance will be recalculated. But you need to keep coins in this wallet until voting ends.

5. Which address is used for accepting voting transactions?

This is the service address for the voting 0x00889f6ad6c0a43cac6377713da5d8a78ad72096ad3d81a6d2

6. Can I delete a certain voting?

No, all votings are stored in the blockchain.

7. How voting fee is used?

It goes to the forging pool to be distributed with the next rewarding.


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