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Metahash C++ client

This repository contains Metahash client's source code written in C++. You can use JSON RPC to work with Metahash C++ client. For your convenience you are advised to download an already built docker container, see releases of this repository.


Metahash C++ client allows to perform many of the operations available in the MetaHash network. Such operations are the following:

1.address generation using cryptography module,
2.fetching balance and history for wallet,
3.creating and sending transaction,
4.getting information about performing transaction by hash and much more operations.

To find out more about some actions in the Metahash network please follow these links:

1.Getting started with Metahash network
2.Creating transactions
3.Metahash fullnode client

Install and Usage

Metahash C++ client is an http server that accepts requests and redirects them to the torrents MetaHash network works with. Some functions such as address generating server performs locally. It works with POST requests in JSON RPC format. MetaHash C ++ client is able to work with a local balances and transactions database (This feature is currently under development). Currently this service is a not cross-platform service, it can run only on Linux OS.

Please see technical details about Metahash C++ client's build and dependencies in the Build and Dependencies section.

For more information about all available methods and their usage, please read the Usage section.