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Delegation of the coins

We've prepared some useful tips, that will make the procedure faster and easier:


Please note that forging is currently running on test mode, and it works in testnet. Please do not transfer your #MHC to #TMH wallet.

  1. First of all, you need to open #Metagate
  2. Then, go to the #MetaForging app (TestNet edition)
  1. Choose "Coin Delegation Forging"
  1. Choose one server to which you want to delegate coins.
  1. You can sort the servers by 4 categories:
  • all servers;
  • recommended;
  • below hardcap;
  • hardcapped.
  1. Click to "Delegation"
  1. Write the amount you want to delegate. Then put your wallet password. And click to "Sign & send"
  1. That's all!

Updated 2 years ago

Delegation of the coins

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